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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Produce Auction Now on Saturdays, too

Just a reminder, and some recent photos, that the Casey County Produce Auction has started holding additional Saturday produce auctions, at 2pm, in addition to their weekly auctions on Monday & Wednesday (also at 2pm) and Thursday at 5pm.

Jay Weaver situates a palette of fresh local corn, bagged by the dozen.
A display ear of Butter and Sugar corn.
A palette of Roman beans that the grower said can be eaten whole.

Fresh-picked wild blackberries await a sale.
Mt. Stripey Heirloom tomatoes
Their additional Saturday produce auctions will continue through September 3, over Labor Day weekend, after which time auctions will be held three times during the week. This additional auction day is to accommodate the large amount of produce coming in now at the height of the summer growing season.

Also, save the date of Saturday, October 15 (starting at 9am) for their second annual Consignment Auction (participants keep their earnings after portion is given to the auction house). On Saturday, December 17 (at 9am), the last auction of the year, there will be a special Christmas Craft auction.

This is only the beginning of melon season in Casey County
which stretches well into September.

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