News of Seasonal Produce Offerings, Auctions, Events, Agritourism and Farmers in Casey County, Kentucky ~ and the Old Order Mennonite & Amish Communities ~ located in the scenic Knobs Region and agricultural heart of Kentucky.

2013 Events

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Casey County Produce Auction –– CLICK HERE for full 2013 schedule

May 8, Special Flower Auction, Casey County Produce Auction, 2pm
• May 23, Gardeners' Group Meeting: Bill Best, Heirloom Seeds, Casey County Ext, 6pm
May 29, Special Nursery Sale, Casey County Produce Auction, 2pm

 June 29, Special YARD SALE DAY, Casey County Produce Auction--all day

• October 19, Fall Consignment Auction, Casey County Produce Auction, 9am-5pm
October 26, Annual Fall 501 Mennonite-Amish Sale/Benefit Auction, 9am-5pm, Junction of Hwy 127/Hwy 501

• December 21, Special Christmas Craft/Auction, Casey County Produce Auction, 9am