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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

18th Annual Casey County Benefit Auction!

Don't forget that this Saturday––March 31st––will be the annual Casey County rite of Spring: the Benefit Consignment Auction run by the county's Old Order Mennonite community. It will be held in the usual spot at the junction of Hwy 127 and 510, from 9am-5pm.

There are flats of plants, larger landscape plants, lots of baked items (for sale), produce items (for sale), delicious cooked chicken and secret-recipe barbecue sauce, ice cream, snacks and all manner of livestock and assorted items at auction.

Every year there is something different but you can always count on finding something delicious or useful to take home with you. And all proceeds benefit certain charitable organizations and members in the Mennonite community with medical need.

See you at the auction!

Homemade pies of all sizes are always at the well-stocked (and affordable) bake sale!
Homemade preserves!

There is always a quilt auction of vintage and newer quilts
at very affordable prices. We admired these older ones a few years ago.

There are livestock available at auction including cattle, chickens, hogs and other fowl.

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