News of Seasonal Produce Offerings, Auctions, Events, Agritourism and Farmers in Casey County, Kentucky ~ and the Old Order Mennonite & Amish Communities ~ located in the scenic Knobs Region and agricultural heart of Kentucky.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Spring 2013 Update

Greetings to all––it seemed like a long winter here but that is only because of the late spring. Glad to have mud season and rain and dreariness behind us and looking ahead to gardens and all manner of farm-related activities.

I still don't have DSL on our ridge here in Pulaski County and have been relying upon WiFi hither and yon. Until that time, blogging is very difficult on my sluggish PowerBook G4 and rapid-fire updates on Facebook even fewer and far between. Thank you for your patience. I hope to resume and update this website as soon as possible. If not, I will let you know (it is still available for anyone who wants to volunteer to keep it going!).

In the meantime, I highly recommend a new website called Kentucky Amish which is updated regularly by the folks at the Wagon Trail, a great eatery in Casey County, Kentucky. Also, Sustainable Kentucky is a consistently excellent website that includes feature articles and great information about farming––and farmers––around Kentucky. They just held their first, and highly successful, "Kentucky Green Living Fair" here in Pulaski County and plan to have it again in 2014 [Save the date! March 29, 2014]. Farm and sustainable-related vendors were there as well as writers and interesting workshops. It was a great day!

There has been much recent moving about within Casey County's Old Order Mennonite community and some businesses are gone or will have altered names/venues. The Casey County Produce Auction is occurring this year and you can contact them for specific information. [While I can't comment on this, because I know many of the people involved, this does provide additional information from a recent article from various news sources.] However, rest assured that the original church here in Casey County is staying and will be continuing with their businesses.

The annual spring benefit auction will be held this Saturday, April 13th at the corner of Hwy 127 and 501 (9am-5pm). Usually held the last Saturday in March, it was moved this year because of the Easter holiday.


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