News of Seasonal Produce Offerings, Auctions, Events, Agritourism and Farmers in Casey County, Kentucky ~ and the Old Order Mennonite & Amish Communities ~ located in the scenic Knobs Region and agricultural heart of Kentucky.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014


If anyone is still coming to this blog, my apologies. I have not had Internet on my ridge (in nearby Pulaski County) since lightning struck our satellite dish in August 2012. The reason I didn't renew my contract with the satellite company was that a) it was almost $100 a month for very poor service and b) we had contracted with Windstream to sell a small easement on our farm for boxes for DSL to come to our ridge at long last. Well, those boxes were installed eighteen months ago. In the meantime, I've been using free WiFi at coffee houses and libraries (with my very old laptop computer that is painfully slow).

On the very day that I sent my editor my recent book manuscript, and as I was packing to visit our daugther in Colorado (including my home computer: one of the advantages of driving over flying), Windstream called: 'We're ready to hook up ridge residents with DSL.' Hurray, I said! So we ordered the kit and upon return later this week I will install it.

That said, I hope to be able to update this site with Places to Buy Local, at least, in the next few weeks as well as an updated 2014 calendar for the Casey County Produce Auction, as well as 2014 Events. There have been many changes in the Casey County Anabaptist community in recent years, as well as many new farms and farmers (and other related businesses) offering a diversity of products grown, raised or made in Casey County.

I will do my best to update these for you and thanks for visiting. And feel free, always, to email me with information and listings on Casey County farms and related agribusinesses. Remember, it's all FREE advertising and promotion for our local farms and related or 'Kentucky Proud' businesses.

~ Catherine Pond, Website Editor []


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