News of Seasonal Produce Offerings, Auctions, Events, Agritourism and Farmers in Casey County, Kentucky ~ and the Old Order Mennonite & Amish Communities ~ located in the scenic Knobs Region and agricultural heart of Kentucky.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Casey County Produce Auction In Full Swing

Some early heirloom tomatoes.
The Casey County Produce Auction is now held every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 4pm on South Fork Creek in Casey County. Click here for a link to their 2014 schedule.

NOTE: Friday's auctions tend to be the busiest right now, with the most amount of offerings. What that generally means for the buyer is that you can get some real deals much of the time on Monday and Wednesday. The auction is a great place to come if you want small or larger batches for canning, freezing or eating fresh: or if you need larger lots to sell retail somewhere else. Sometimes you can even buy or swap partial lots with someone else: for example, a friend bought a lot of three bushels of Georgia peaches yesterday, each for $6, and she sold me one. At the very least, you can enjoy the auction and have a bite to eat, or an ice cream cone, at the chuck wagon.

Here are some highlights from yesterday's auction (the photographs below are all of locally grown produce in Casey County and surrounding areas):

You can always bid on smaller lots on the produce tables.


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