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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

FREE Heirloom Vegetable Workshop

Back by popular demand!  Julie Maruskin will be returning to the Casey County Library for an encore presentation on heirloom vegetables on May 17 at 10am. FAST FOOD: From Seed to Plate in 6 Weeks will highlight the basics on how to plant and raise your own heirloom vegetables––and seed sources. After her well-attended and informative visit to discuss heirloom tomatoes back in March, the library wanted to host her again. Julie is director of the Clark County Library by day and avid seedswoman in the rest of her time. She and her husband grow and collect heirloom tomatoes––as well as other vegetables––and she enjoys spreading her knowledge, and extra seeds, throughout the state.

Burkholder Seeds are available at area greenhouses.
Heirloom gardening is something that has been all the rage throughout the past decade in many gardening circles. Most people who save seeds might not even realize that they are also growing an heirloom plant and preserving a bit of American plant history. Casey County and environs is home to many heirloom varieties that have been "rescued" and propagated with several seed companies. [And did you know that many unusual heirloom seeds are available in Casey County directly through Burkholder's Seeds on Hwy 501 (and for sale in greenhouses in the South Fork Creek area)?]

Selecting heirloom seeds.
All are welcome and all that is required is that you email (here) or call the Casey County Library at 787-9381 to reserve your place. It's FREE! Participants will be able to take home a kit of 8 heirloom seed packs and other goodies.

Where? Casey County Library, Liberty, KY
When? Tuesday, May 17 at 10am

Participants at the March workshop were able to pot up a tomato seedling to take home.

Julie Maruskin, Heirloom Gardener
Julie gives an informative and engaging presentation and you will not be disappointed. Even the most seasoned gardeners will learn something at one of her workshops.

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