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Friday, May 27, 2011

Great Greenhouses!

Our cart overfloweth at Homestead Greenhouse on South Fork Ridge.

There are so many greenhouses in Casey County and we keep discovering more on highways and byways: I need to detail their contact information and will be doing that soon (for future growing seasons). Even though their plant selling season is winding down, you can still get out and get some beautiful plants or try your luck on bargains at the Casey County Produce Auction. The rain is lifting here in Casey County and the sun will be shining this Memorial Day Weekend –– a great time to plant or finish planting!

It is always good to check everyone out because each place has their own unique offerings. In recent years I have seen more varieties of sun-tolerant coleus (among my favorites for borders and pots) and a trend towards the more unusual floral varieties, as well as favorites. I've also learned to go to certain greenhouses for certain things. If you see something unusual that you like and have never tried before, it is fun to spend a bit more than $1.00 on a four or six-pack, in most places, to check something out. And there are always people to ask!

This is the first time I've found gomphrena in Kentucky.
It makes an excellent container or front-of-border plant.

Sam Stauffer and his family run Sunny Day Nursery in western Casey County
in a small Old Order Mennonite community near Elkhorn. 

Another great thing about Casey County greenhouses? More tomato and pepper varieties than you could possibly plant! I have never seen more heirloom varieties in one place, either. Tomatoes and peppers thrive in Kentucky's long, hot summers and it is fun to try different types. [It is also fun to eavesdrop on people buying tomato plants: I can tell that everyone has their own favorites and reliable stand-bys and it's a great way to strike up a conversation and learn about traditional local gardens.]

The Casey County Produce Auction is now in full-swing––
soon flowers will be mostly replaced by fresh local produce.

This weekend, just roam the lovely back roads of Casey County and follow the signs to beautiful plants and great locally grown flowers and vegetables for your home garden. [NOTE: Many greenhouses are not open on Sunday.]

What are your favorite things to plant? What's your favorite local greenhouse "tip"?

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