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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

There's A New Store in Town

What's not to love about a good discount foods store? Dented cans and a few outdated items never stop most people from saving a lot, especially in this economy. What makes a discount foods store local? Well, several things, even if I am stretching things a bit. Casey County Discount Foods opened on July 1st and is owned and operated by Alta Martin Tucker and her family out on 910. Here's what makes it local and GROW Casey County blog-worthy:

• It is locally owned, not a chain store;
• It is designed with the local community in mind;
• It is located near other shops and produce markets in and around the South Fork Creek area, which this blog actively promotes; and,

• Alta is selling her very own, locally-made goat's milk soap at the store (from Creekside Farm).

What we got for fifty bucks––many items are hidden behind. You could stretch your money even further if focused on staples instead of hard-to-find items like almond oil or Amy's Mushroom Soup (my favorite casserole add-in). But even that was 99 cents a can!

We went on the first day the store opened––July 1st––and have been back a few times since. On my first stop, I spent about $50. I was delighted to find some Indian condiments (and ready-to-mix rice/curry sauce packages––two of which I made for dinner that night with some chicken thighs and local veggies), some favorite English cookies which are hard to find in this country ("Hobnobs"––and normally about $5 a pack), and even some ready-made Luisianne bottled iced tea (which is as close to homemade as you can find). Also there are many baking products, canned goods, cereals, jams and jellies and all sorts of organic products and staple items. Alta said she was thrilled with the first few loads that she got in, especially with the organic and gluten-free items. There is also an extensive amount of Mexican foods, more than you would find in most grocery stores.

The store is neat and clean and the staff is friendly and helpful. Eventually they might offer more local items and locally-made baked goods. You can also shop on Sundays (they are closed Saturdays) or on your way home from work as they are open until 7:00pm. When you think about it, in combination with all of the produce places in the area, and Sunny Valley Country Store a few miles away––and some stores in Liberty, you almost don't need to shop any where else. With gas prices the way they are and the cost of groceries it makes so much economic sense to minimize big box-store shopping whenever possible.

Casey County Discount Foods is open Sunday-Friday from 9:00am-7:00pm [Closed Saturdays]. They are located at 1764 Hwy 910, about 1/4 mile past Dutchman Metal and South Fork Creek Road.

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