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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Eat Local!

Good Foods Market and Café up in Lexington, Kentucky is a worthwhile destination if you are ever up that way. It's a Kentucky-owned food cooperative (with shareholders) and you'll not only find products that you didn't think you could live without, and that might be hard to find, but there are great monthly sales and they support local Kentucky farmers in their offerings. [In shopping there you are also supporting a local Kentucky operation, not a larger, more expensive national food chain that offers many of the same items.] Located off Nicholasville Road at 455 Southland Drive it is open 8am-10pm daily.

Given the distance, it's not a store that we go to often but it's the kind of place that we'll visit several times a year to pick up various products (both botanical as well as food-related) or unusual Kentucky farm offerings (like many varieties of cheeses and meats) or our favorite, very-hard-to-find yogurt indulgence. They have remodeled in the past year and now also offer a great café with a buffet that features a bounty of delectable offerings (their Facebook page details daily menu items). It's worth it just to browse and treat yourself to lunch! [You also don't have to be a coop member but if interested in joining, you will save more throughout the year.]

Long-time Casey County organic farmer Jerome Lange is one of their growers and suppliers and he will be playing his fiddle, as he often does at The Bread of Life Café and other Liberty venues, at Good Foods' "Eat Local Celebration" on Saturday, July 2nd [live music from 11:30-1:30pm, but the celebration goes from 11am-2pm]. It's fun to be browsing the produce section and see "LOCAL Casey County Produce" signs peppered throughout the display area. 

We will profile Jerome and his farm in a future blog post here on GROW Casey County. In the meantime, you, too, can eat local by supporting your local Casey County farmers and driving on over to South Fork Creek. Also, if you have a special July 4th picnic recipe, please feel free to share it here and we'll feature it in future blog posts this summer.

Have a safe and splendid 4th of July weekend and here's a reminder that there will be a 2pm auction at the Casey County Produce Auction on Monday, July 4th!

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