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Monday, June 20, 2011

South Fork Produce: Local Produce

Note the signs: LOCAL tomatoes!

Open on June 17, South Fork Produce is a cooperative farmers' market operated by the Old Order Mennonite community (a similar enterprise is over on 501, near Phil). Located adjacent to South Fork Furniture and next to Hillside Greenhouse and Sunny Valley Bulk Foods, it is easy to find amidst other businesses on South Fork Creek Road. As for the prices, well, they really speak for themselves and it is easy to see why Casey County growers often get business from far and wide––and even from people right around the bend.

Local honey from Philip Kilmer––did you know it's good for allergies?

South Fork Produce will be open through the end of October––Monday-Saturday, 8am-6pm. It is also the clearing house, within the community, for large scale growing operations later in the growing season: cantaloupe, watermelon and peppers are boxed and shipped wholesale to places such as Walmart (who have made an effort, in recent years, to support more locally-grown produce when it is available). If Walmart, of all places, can try to support local growers then we should, too.

Rhubarb, rhubarb! Yes, it's still available.

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