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Sunday, June 12, 2011

This Blog is Your Blog

Old postcard of a family eating watermelon––one of Casey County's greatest exports!

Yes, I'm kind of singing along to Woody Guthrie today in my head: "This land is your land, this land is our land..." I don't even live in Casey County (but I can see Green River Knob rising near us to the west from our knob over here in the western edge of Pulaski County––and we are only an air mile or so, not counting winding country roads, from Mintonville, in the southeast corner of Casey County). But I appreciate all of the fine agricultural offerings and the beautiful rural quality of Casey County. We would have likely bought a farm in the county when we were looking, but this part of the world––not very far away––presented the right place at the right time. Yes, we are transplants but are putting down new roots in your wonderful state.

We do much of our business in Liberty and just as much out in the Old Order Mennonite community in South Fork Creek. We buy our various feeds and bedding, and other supplies from Goldenrod Feeds, our staple food items from Sunny Valley Bulk Foods, and much of our produce and garden plants at Hillside Greenhouse, Homestead Gardens, South Fork Produce, Lavern's and often at the Casey County Produce Auction. There are many other businesses, too, sprinkled about the region that get our business. That is what buying and being (and eating) local is all about.

This blog was started to promote the Old Order Mennonite agricultural-related businesses––who also form the very basis of Casey County tourism––which do not have an internet presence (and neither do they join commerce groups). I soon realized, where do people go, on-line, to find out more about Casey County's great local farms and other offerings, especially throughout the season as things are offered or events held?

Yet this blog is also about the wider produce and agricultural offerings of Casey County that include anyone who grows, raises or sells farm products––or promotes them. It is a work in progress (I still have to post names/addresses of related agricultural businesses, among other things, in the tabs above) and is a volunteer effort. But I can promise that it is your blog, too. Feel free to drop me an email at or leave a comment at any time on this blog as to what you might like to see here over the coming months. I will probably focus more on local farm history and interesting items, or articles, in the "off season," when there are few things available from farms or fields, and more on produce and availability––and events––during the summer and fall months. And don't forget to join the "GROW Casey County" Facebook page for more regular updates and tidbits.

Thanks for reading and please tell your friends to check here, too! In the coming days there will be more promotional rack cards available for pick-up throughout the county.

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  1. I LOVE the pictures! Where in the world did you find them?